Name: Mike IP:172.68.58.*

Awesome service! I received my order in less than 5 minutes and the prices are the best I've seen on the market! Best currency site for PoE!

September 15,2016
Name: Verts IP:34.73.78.*

very good service

June 02,2016
Name: Jefe nick IP:194.198.79.*


April 19,2016
Name: Francisco IP:24.127.131.*

Definitely follows through with orders, the chat is also very helpful if you run into any difficulties. 10/10 would use again.

January 05,2016
Name: matthew IP:24.72.73.*

very good and quick service. very reliable

December 27,2015
Name: sofia gomez IP:83.61.104.*

i have bought 53 exalted orbs,live chat goes well :)

November 03,2015
Name: Gogge IP:77.68.246.*

Awesome service

October 17,2015
Name: Art IP:107.222.100.*

very promt and fast. p.s give aimee a raise she is great

September 01,2015
Name: Pierre-Alexandre Gravel IP:70.55.199.*

Nice and profesionnal services. I really appreciate the time they took with me to listen to me and help through the process.

July 15,2015
Name: Matthias K. IP:71.159.178.*

Very very fast Service i ordered ff14 gil and ten minutes later i have it :)

January 09,2015

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  • you guys are the best!

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  • Very nice service, I will back again!

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  • Amazing delivery speed, very helpful support.

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  • Customer service is very patient, delivery is fast, very good sho...

    by Joseph
  • i received all I've ordered, support was very helpful everything ...

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  • This site has about the best price on most poe orbs. I've made se...

    by Adrian
  • I can say the site is amazing. Friendly service, timely delivery,...

    by David

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