Name: adrian IP:188.114.102.*

V fast and reliable

September 15,2018
Name: Tom IP:172.68.34.*

Super Quick Delivery. Will use again

March 19,2018
Name: Quill IP:172.68.47.*

I was sceptical at first, but took the leap and not disappointed at all. Very quick service. I'll be using this again.

March 16,2018
Name: Lucavi IP:172.69.68.*

Best delivery service I've experienced in 15 years of MMORPG playing. Great staff and guaranteed fast delivery. Worth every penny spent. Thank you for everything, MMOTY

January 27,2018
Name: Happy Gamer IP:172.68.34.*

Instant (<2 min) delivery, thanks!

January 08,2018
Name: Michael IP:172.68.174.*

You guys were awesome! Ordering was easy and I was met in game within 5 minutes and given the items! Will definitely use you guys in the future.

January 05,2018
Name: Awesome IP:162.158.155.*

Legit service 2min delivery

March 17,2017
Name: Gingerbread IP:162.158.26.*

Transaction done under 5 mins! Blazing!

January 14,2017
Name: Dan IP:162.158.78.*

Good service. Got my 24 ex, if you dont get your order within 15 minutes just go to live chat and they will get with you quick.

January 10,2017
Name: Auramancer IP:108.162.246.*

Trade was made within seconds.

January 07,2017

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  • you guys are the best!

    by Batrudinov
  • Very nice service, I will back again!

    by jim
  • Amazing delivery speed, very helpful support.

    by Alex
  • Customer service is very patient, delivery is fast, very good sho...

    by Joseph
  • i received all I've ordered, support was very helpful everything ...

    by Blake
  • This site has about the best price on most poe orbs. I've made se...

    by Adrian
  • I can say the site is amazing. Friendly service, timely delivery,...

    by David

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