Full Details of One-month Flashback Events


Path of exile team running a pair of Flashback leagues starting next weekend (after the Warbands and Tempest challenge leagues end). One of the events is Hardcore and one is Standard. Today's news post includes full information about when they start and end, the final list of Flashback mods, their challenges and prizes (including hardware generously provided by Alienware!)

Event Times
The events will start at:

  • PDT: Noon Friday, October 2
  • CEST: 9pm Friday, October 2
  • NZDT: 8am Saturday October 3
  • UTC: 7pm Friday, October 2

The events will end at:


  • PST: 11am Monday, November 2
  • CET: 8pm Monday, November 2
  • NZDT: 8am Tuesday November 3
  • UTC: 7pm Monday, November 2

Please note the daylight savings changes in various countries during this period.

Schedule of League Mods



  • Day 1-4: Warbands, Invasion, Nemesis and Domination.
  • Day 5-7: Warbands, Anarchy, Bloodlines and Beyond.
  • Day 8-9: All league mods except Tempest.
  • Day 10-12: Tempest, Domination, Nemesis and Beyond.
  • Day 13-14: Tempest, Ambush, Invasion and Torment.
  • Day 15-16: All league mods except Warbands.
  • Day 17-19: Warbands, Anarchy, Nemesis, Invasion and Torment.
  • Day 20-21: Warbands, Rampage, Ambush, Beyond and Onslaught.
  • Day 22-23: All league mods except Tempest.
  • Day 24-26: Tempest, Rampage, Bloodlines, Invasion, Nemesis and Torment.
  • Day 27-28: Tempest, Beyond, Rampage, Ambush, Domination and Onslaught.
  • Day 29-31: All league mods except Warbands.

What the League Mods Do






Complete these challenges to earn pieces of the Golden Seraph Set!



  • Full Clear: The Fetid Pool: Fully clear the Fetid Pool.
  • Identify a Unique Item: Identify any Unique Item. You can trade it away afterwards.
  • Kole the Cruel: Kill Kole in Cruel difficulty or higher.
  • Room to Grow: Create a medium-sized Hideout.
  • The Golden Hand: Complete the quest "Through Sacred Ground" in Merciless difficulty.
  • Full Clear: Vaal Fragment: Fully clear a Vaal Side Area that was created using a Map Device.
  • Kill a Unique Map Boss: Kill the boss of a Unique Map.
  • Reach level 85: Reach level 85.
  • Defender: Kill any Invasion Boss.
  • Exorcist: Kill a Unique monster that has been possessed by a Tormented spirit.
  • Bait: Open an unidentified Rare Strongbox.
  • Unstoppable: Reach the fifth Rampage tier.
  • Finder of the Trove: Kill a pack of Magic monsters with the Keepers of the Trove Bloodline mod.
  • Assassination: Kill any Warband Leader.
  • A Worthy Foe: Kill the Boss of a Tier 8 or higher Map while it has Onslaught.
  • Seal the Portal: Kill a Unique Beyond boss.
  • Weather the Storm: Fully clear a Rare map that is affected by both a Tempest prefix and suffix.
  • Treasure Hunter: Kill a Rare monster with the Inner Treasure Nemesis mod.
  • Fall of the Phoenix: Kill Igna Phoenix.
  • Reach Out and Touch Faith: Touch a Divine Shrine.

Challenges completed in either event contribute to your challenge total.





  • The top player by experience (or first player to reach level 100) in each event will receive an Alienware Alpha computer bundle (see below).
  • One random player in each event who reaches at least level 50 will receive an Alienware Backpack.
  • Upon completing 5 challenges, you will receive the Golden Seraph Boots skin.
  • Upon completing 10 challenges, you will receive the Golden Seraph Gloves skin.
  • Upon completing 15 challenges, you will receive the Golden Seraph Body Armour skin.
  • Upon completing 20 challenges, you will receive the Golden Seraph Helmet skin.
  • 100 random players from each league who reach at least level 30 will receive a Stash Tab Bundle (6 tabs).
  • 50 random players from each league who reach at least level 50 will receive a Premium Stash Tab Bundle (6 tabs).
  • In addition, the top twenty players (from each event) by experience will receive an alternate-art Demigod's Beacon.


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